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Discover LOG-TRADE, the 1st OTF* on agricultural market

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LOGAVIV and GRIFFIN MARKETS innovate and open the 1st market segment dedicated to agricultural commodities in Europe on the Organized Trading Facility (‟OTF”) Griffin Markets Europe in Paris


This new segment will commence trading on Thursday, 11 March 2021 and be accessed via the technical platform LOG-TRADE designed by LOGAVIV.
Together, they offer a complementary alternative to the community of agricultural industry participants looking to hedge on financial markets.



LOGAVIV, designer and technical provider of the LOG-TRADE platform is recognized for its strong expertise in the development of IT solutions dedicated notably to the diffusion of market information and trading risk management systems. LOGAVIV’s customers include numerous agricultural cooperatives, physical traders, brokers, industrials, and financial institutions.

GRIFFIN, an electronic platform operator, regulated by AMF, supervised by ACPR, and CRE on relevant physical delivery energy markets in France, is today a leading venue on OTC Natural gas and Power markets in Europe.

They jointly announce the official launch of the LOG-TRADE platform and the Agricultural segment of the Griffin Markets Europe OTF whose opening date will be on Thursday 11 March 2021. LOG-TRADE is a trading platform enabling market participants to access trading on Griffin OTF Agricultural products and other regulated markets..

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