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We support you in market analysis
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Market information and a personnalized support in market analysis

WSD Master provides dynamic, concise, and constantly updated market information. 

Very various, this offer includes :

– short and regular market information like news
– synthetic market reports
– daily and weekly technical analysis
– punctual documents like thematic analysis 


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The news/analysis designed by Hashtagri allow you to build an efficient grain/oilseed markets monitoring. On the one hand, in intra-day, with news and technical analysis that are in parallel a decision tool. On the other hand with a panel of recurrent analysis that complete the global overview and deepen hot topics or market elements

Paul DESERT-CAZENAVE – Market analysis COO of Hashtagri


A team of specialists

Our HASHTAGRI service is specialized in commodities market analysis, the team is composed of several experts in fundamental and technical analysis.

A long experIence and complementary profiles

HASHTAGRI service is composed of profiles issued from agricultural business schools and also financial profiles.

With more than 10 years of experience on commodities markets, we have skills to provide you an optimal services level. 

various skils

  • A solid knowledge on commodities markets : agronomy, actors,..
  • Fundamental analysis on cereal/oleaginous markets
  • Technical analysis on financial markets
  • Strategies on futures markets and price risk management
  • Data statistis analysis 


A complete offer on market information


continuous daily news

Benefit from various fundamental news related to grain/oilseed and oil / Forex markets

technical analysis

We propose you graphical / Elliott waves elements and technical indicators with a progressive scenario for the day including stops and key supports/resistances levels.


technical analysis

Each Monday on main MATIF and CBOT contracts.

weather report

Weekly weather forecasts on world grain/oilseed main producing areas and crop risks mapping.


weekly market reports

Weekly overview of main market items which had an impact on grain/oilseed (fundamental, technical, flows) linked with a striking graph and an agenda composed of figures/publications that are awaited for the week to come.

ethanol report

.Analysis of the US ethanol output/stocks evolution and news, US S&D.

commitment of traders report

Weekly analysis of the commitment of major actors on US futures markets (futures and options) for wheat (CBOT, KCBOT, MGEX), corn and soybean complex. 

AGS forex / indices report

Weekly analysis of main agricultural products parities evolution (ruble, peso, real, ringgit…) and commodity/agricultural indices (S&P GSCI, CRB…).

matif options oi report

Analysis of the Open Interest evolution on MATIF options (wheat, corn, rapeseed) versus futures quotes (moves on main strikes, market trend, risks…)

crop progress report

Weekly analysis on crop rating/progress in the US, with also a specific punctual focus on French cultures when needed.

french ports line up / loading reports

Snapshot of French ports grain line-up (on Monday), and weekly recap of loaded quantities of grain by destination on these same ports (on Thursday).


Each month

thematic analysis

Specific punctual analysis developed on a news or a market topic related directly or not to grain/oilseed markets

usda report

Analysis on monthly data released by the US Department of Agriculture for US and world supply and demand

A personnalized support on market analysis

Our market analysis team offers you training and support with adapted services to your needs. 

Information we propose are customized to your punctual and specific needs 

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