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We design and develop bespoke applications 

We design and develop bespoke applications that meet your specific business’s requirements 

Depending on your specific concerns, requirements, and constraints, we can develop web-based applications (intranet, extranet, mobile websites), websites, software, and mobile applications. With our wide range of business management applications, you can benefit from our expertise and our experience.

Our internal organisational structure, with a team dedicated to project management, means that you can count on our availability and our knowledge of your business every day, to ensure your project progresses.

Our in-depth understanding of commodities markets, our business and technological expertise, as well as our agile development methods allow us to efficiently analyse your requirements and provide solutions that perfectly meet your needs.


Ronan Barranger R&D Director

 Our technological and business expertise

our development teams 

In 2012, we rolled out the agile development method, which allows us to involve developers in the early stages of projects. 

  • A team that specialises in web MVC and React, angular JS,Wep api
  • A team that specialises in fat client technologies and server development: Wpf, xaml, window form,c++
  • A Research & Development team that allows us to innovate constantly and to remain at the cutting edge of technologies.

Product OwnerS

Our team dedicated to project management are called the ‘product owners’. They are your everyday contacts. They have the functional expertise and are capable of making the decisions necessary to prioritise developments. They have an essential role, being a cross-cutting function that manages specifications and writes project backlogs.

As intermediaries between you and our development teams, their role consists in:
the qualification of requirements;
the formalisation of your expectations for your various projects;
and following projects’ progress during the acceptance tests and release.

our graphic design & front-end development team

This versatile team is involved from the design of ergonomic specifications up to interface development.

Responsible for the design and the visual and functional ergonomics of web-based and mobile solutions (UI & UX design), it is also responsible for producing an attractive design that meets your expectations. Proficient in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, this team is responsible for the integration and development of interfaces in accordance with the specifications and the models approved.


Our development methods for producing bespoke applications

Nous vous proposons deux méthodes de développement différentes qui peuvent l’une ou l’autre correspondre à vos besoins, l’une reposant sur des étapes de livraisons régulières de votre projet et l’autre sur une livraison en fin de développement. We offer two different development methods, either of which can meet your needs; one with regular delivery stages for your project and the other based on a delivery at the end of development.

Two methods, two specific solutions to your requirements

the agile method

The stages :

  • Agreement on a budget by the client
  • Writing backlog and user stories 
  • Prioritisation of developments and regular deliveries

the standard method

This more traditional method works by approving a quote with defined specifications and delivery dates. Your project is delivered in full at the end of the development phase, which is estimated at the outset.
The stages :

  • approval of a quote based on precise specifications
  • delivery at the end of development


Innovation working to make your projects a success

Beyond our teams’ highly diverse technical expertise and our various development methods, we focus on innovation through our R&D team. We also boast significant business expertise, with knowledge of market data flows and advanced innovative technologies, like the FIX technology for routing market orders.

Our strenghts

OUR experience

Development of around thirty different extranet systems for grain storage companies 

market data

Exploitable market data thanks to our partnership with our issuer Hashtagri, and quotations from stock markets…

order routing

Five years of experience developing solutions that use the FIX technology, which can send orders to Euronext, and providing price risk management solutions for operators.