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Get the most out of our solutions with our trainings courses and consulting

We offer bespoke training courses and services to best meet your professional needs 

In order to help you manage price risk, control your positions, and prepare customized reports, we offer a range of courses and consulting solutions, led by our team of expert consultants.

The courses are held either in our offices in Noisy le Grand, near Paris, or on your premises if you prefer. These courses are aimed at both novices and experienced users, depending on the subjects discussed.

Olivier De Temmerman, Terre Atlantique gives his point of view:

Thanks to my training, I have discovered numerous positive improvements of the software. To be able to discuss with other users during this training was also very profitable. We had a real feeling as a customer that LOGAVIV is continuously adapting to our problematics. 


Our training courses

Our training courses allow:

> the uninitiated, to discover WPRIOP’s range of functions and everything they enable you to do  
> current users, to get to know the software better and learn how to exploit all its features.

Our consulting services

Our consulting department is composed of market risk management experts with extensive experience in implementing management and trading tools for operators and are there to support you with your businesses’ specific issues.


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Pré-requisites : Knowledge of futures markets, options, and basis contracts, etc.

A WPRIOP certificate is issued at the end of the second day if you reach the required level

The opportunity to discover our flagship price risk management solution

day1: initiation to the software

> Everything you need to use WPRIOP’s main functions.

This first day is an initiation to WPRIOP. The aim is to get to know our trading position management solution and its various features.

DAY 2: using the software

> > In-depth and advanced use of WPRIOP in order to help you make strategic choices.

During this second day, you will start by using the software in two trading position scenarios and then you will interpret the indicators.

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Two days to fully understand how to produce complete reports

The WPRIOP My Report course lasts two days. 
It starts with an initiation to our reporting software, WPRIOP My Report, and continues with a variety of subjects:


  • ETL’s installation architecture and how it works
  • My Report Builder: Presentation of WPRIOP MyReport’s data models, use of filters, cell reporting, list reporting, table reporting, etc.
  • MyReport Messenger

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Market-oriented training

Alongside courses on our solutions, we also offer a 1-day course on futures markets and how to use them as an operator, grain storage company, or manufacturer on the agricultural commodities market.
This course will help you manage price risk and will touch on the following subjects: futures contracts, basis contracts, options, trading strategies, and the dynamic management of options.

Make best use of our solutions and be more efficient

Our team of consultants offers a variety of consulting days to help you get the most out of our solutions and best manage market fluctuations.  Depending on your needs, we can also offer bespoke solutions for your businesses’ specific requirements.  

Examples of consultancy

Review of WPRIOP

Definition of the software’s configuration. Our consultant has an overview of the project as well as ensuring
good information feedback to the development teams, who are constantly striving to meet your future needs.

Gateway studyCreation of a gateway between your IS and WPRIOP, and definition of your requirements. Preparation of functional documents and project coordination
Price risk management for manufacturers Gestion de positions pour l’industrieStudy of WPRIOP’s different possibilities for managing complete positions in milling, food processing, starch production, seed milling, etc.
Help to set up your reportings and your financial control      Presentation of and help using our WPRIOP My Report and CLEAX financial control business intelligence solutions. Help rolling out these tools.

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