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A real time physical prices tool input


What is AGSTORE ?

A real time physical prices tool input. AGSTORE interacts with all your external tools. Highly customizable, user friendly, AGSTORE is a solution saved online with a secure web access.

Manage your physical prices database in real time. 
With Agstore, structure and organize your prices database, save and restore them easily.

Possibility to enter quotations by product, market and deadline




With AGSTORE you can:

1/ Create your own markets in a precised and detailled way thanks to more than 15 customizable settings. Ex: Wheat given Rouen

2/ Afterward, create deadlines from those markets with again a high numbers of settings. You will also be able to index this deadline on other markets (futures or physicals).

Possibility to decompose your price depending on differents elements: reference market (Euronext, CBOT), prime, transport costs, margin …

Quotation’s historic and possibility to change for previous dates to the day before.

Creation of workspaces to quickly generate several windows to make the seizure of your quotations easier and quicker. 

interactivity with all your tools

reliability and security


web access


friendly user


Multi currencies / unities