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An established software application for efficiently managing your brokerage

ARTAGRI is a complete management tool for your brokerage firm

With more than 15 years’ experience, our brokerage firm management software, ARTAGRI, optimises the management of your databases (clients, suppliers, service providers, etc.), manages the monitoring and invoicing of commissions on your contracts, while producing statistics on your firm in real time.

ARTAGRI allows you to quickly generate brokerage trade confirmations thanks to a customizable wizard. This wizard uses the parameters defined for your firm (third party, product, address, payment, incoterms, currency, etc.)

The forecasted trade confirmation execution schedule, meanwhile, allows you to monitor brokerage invoicing. Trade confirmations as well as brokerage statements and invoices are sent directly by email from ARTAGRI. Monitoring the emails sent therefore allows full traceability.

And finally, all accounting documents can be exported to accounting software applications that allow data imports.

Enfin tous les documents comptables sont exportables vers les logiciels de comptabilité permettant l’import de données. 

With ARTAGRI, your enjoy:

  • simplified management
  • a comprehensive overview of your firm’s commercial activity
  • a reliable solution that can be adapted to your specific concerns 
  • a tool that saves you time every day and provides the best possible user experience

The complexity and diversity of contracts really make it worthwhile for brokerage firms to own ARTAGRI, a tried and tested software application that has been used in the industry for over 15 years. By choosing our solution, you will enjoy a high level of reliability in the production of trade confirmations and in invoicing commissions.


Ronan Barranger – Chairman

ARTAGRI is an easy-to-use product that allows the quick efficient management of your firm

ARTAGRI works with all existing office software (PDF documents, Excel exports)
The software is multi-currency and all documents can be customized in the tool. 

Discover the solution’s main features below 

Multi-criteria search function 

Artagri’s main interfaces (Third parties, Trade confirmations, Invoices, and Statistics) have a multi-criteria search function.
A great deal of additional information can be found using them: the list of any given client’s contracts and invoices as well as the detail of the execution and invoicing of a contract.

All interfaces that list data (contracts, invoices, statistics, etc.) are very easy to export to Excel.


Contract models

In ARTAGRI, you can create contract models by type of contract and/or by language. For example, you define a layout format by type of contract and you can assign a given model to a client.

The body copy of the various paragraphs that make up the trade confirmation can be customized in two ways: a predefined text or the use of tags linked to parameters that are automatically filled when the confirmation is generated.

To produce contracts, you have the choice between:

  • Doing a search in the tool then duplicating an existing contract
  • Creating a new contract with the wizard

Management of accounts with subsidiaries

One of the solution’s other strengths is that it allows you to manage two or more invoicing addresses and trading addresses per client. This way, you can manage accounts that have subsidiaries. 


Generating contracts in PDF format

Trading confirmations and brokerage invoices are generated in PDF format and can be sent by e-mail. Each item sent is saved, which allows total traceability of what is sent. It is, for example, possible to see the history of amendments made to a trading confirmation in the event of changes requested by either party.  


Configuration of products 

Products are managed by family/sub-family/product. Criteria (name, quality, price) are then configured by year and by language.
This interface means, for example, it isn’t necessary to recreate a new product just for a change in quality between harvests.