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Automate and Secure
the integration of your trading positions 

Cleax was designed to make easier to control your positions 

The concept behind the Cleax solution originally had two aims: 

the first : was to simplify the integration of trading positions (futures and future options)
the second : to automate the control of these positions
> with a view to optimising our clients’ security

Cleax was born of LOGAVIV working closely with several banks (clearing houses), initially to offer clearing control software for financial, accounts, and back office departments

Later, we adapted the CLEAX solution to meet our customers’ need to simulate margin calls. Therefore, CLEAX  also enables you to easily monitor and anticipate cash flow fluctuations generated by charge accounts. Plus tard, nous avons fait évoluer la solution 

Directly accessible from our position management software, WPRIOP, CLEAX is also connected to your clearing house(s). 

management control
commerce / TRADING departments

Interactions between CLEAX and WPRIOP

Cleax offers a high level of interaction with our position management software WPRIOP

Just like variations in prices, variationwith our position s in margin calls can be a source of risk for operators. As well as helping with entering and controlling positions listed, Cleax allows you to easily monitor and anticipate fluctuations in cash flow generated by charge accounts 

Clément Chretien – Risk management & Solutions Consultant 

With Cleax, you enjoy a complete, automatic and secure solution 

The main strengths of our Cleax solution are the fact that it allows you to both automate and control the integration of your trading positions as well as having a totally secure solution that lets you calculate your margin calls and anticipate your cash flow requirements.

A few of the solution’s strengths to remember: 

  • High level of interaction with our position management software WPRIOP
  • Calculation of margin calls
  • Simulation of margin calls
  • Verification of your position by crossfooting check (clearing house position/WPRIOP position) 


Automatic recovery of executed orders 

You receive continuously or daily your executed orders on the market, validate and insert them in your WPRIOP solution. 

You can affect these contracts to strategies and also automate these affectations with a creation of rules. 

Checking financial statements

Cleax applies the SPAN method to the financial position integrated in WPRIOP et compares it to the calculation done by the clearing house. Indeed, you beneficiate from an automated control of the position thanks to a cross referencing data, for a better security.  
Moreover, Cleax offers a filter system for multi-account management and identification of errors. 

Simulation of margin calls

CLEAX uses a stress test system where the user sets up scenarios (variation of prices, volatility). Cleax calculates several margin calls according these scenarios, which allows to anticipate the cash requirements.