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Control your risk managing your positions efficiently
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Discover WPRIOP , price risk management solution

Efficient, Versatile and Effective


Our solution…


WPRIOP is a platform for managing commercial positions and price risk that adapts to your information systems.

WPRIOP’s main aim is to allow the detailed management of all your commercial positions and to revalue them at any time depending on market developments (prices, volatility, etc.).

A real monitoring tool, WPRIOP allows you to visualise your portfolio’s value at any given time thanks to pre-programmed indicators (Quantity, Delta, P&L, Margin, etc.). Thanks to its dashboard and its graphical function, the software allows you to anticipate a variety of potential market scenarios, price increases or falls, changes in volatility, passage of time, etc..

Agricultural Cooperatives
Trading companies
Financial institutes


An upgradeable solution

From the creation of WPRIOP, we have set up a Users’Club which now has over 40  market operators.
We are working together closely to make evolve our price risk management solution.
Both versatile and secured,  WPRIOP incorporates the latest developments related to your needs and answers to your expectations from more than 15 years.

Interactions with other solutions

WPRIOP interacts with several solutions that we propose giving users a comprehensive, powerful and flexible solution …


Enjoy perfect integration with our WSD Master solution, to retrieve prices in real time, as well as pricing history and volatility structures.


Thanks to our business intelligence tool, WPRIOP MyReport, you can handle and circulate your data freely.


Thanks to CLEAX, you can secure and accelerate the administration of your positions by automatically retrieving business handled with your clearing house. Check your position by cross-referencing margin calls and simulate your cash requirements

Contract management

You can manage individually all types of contract over their entire lifecycle. 

Types of contracts managed:

  • Physical, contrats cadre (prix à fixer)
  • Futures
  • Basic contracts, Prime à fixer
  • Futures and OTC (Asian, binary, ..)
  • Swaps

A list of contracts makes it possible to identify each contract based on its different information:  contract number, trading strategy, market, product, maturity date, type of contract, quantity, date, etc.




“Mark to Market”Valorisation 

This valuation system is fully customizable and provides numerous configuration options. Users can revalue their position in a dynamic manner or upon closing.

This interface offers several possibilities:

  • Retrieval of clearing volatility structures
  • Management of personalized volatility structures
  • External data quotations
  • Management of forward curves
  • Management of quotation histories
  • Indexation of over-the-counter trading on the “futures” market


Our solution WPRIOP is composed of “workshops” that allow you to set up filters on the position and, therefore, to obtain customized control panels.
With this workshops, you can :

  • Choose axis of analysis
  • Choose indicators from a pre-defined list
  • Create your own indicators



View a summary or your position


pre-programmed indicators

(P&L, quantity,  delta, percentage, gamma,  vega, theta, etc.) and customized indicators


Netting allows you to monitor future positions and combine an operational vision and a financial vision since Physical/Futures futures/physiques and LIFO/FIFO affectations are independent.

Graphical visualisation

You can instantly view all or part of your commercial position. This means you can understand your price risk exposure. This function also allows you to anticipate changes to your profits or losses depending on how the market develops, volatility, and the time factor.

And finally, you can simulate the impact of the purchase or sale of futures and options on your position in order to make the best hedging decisions.


With the Pricer, calculate the price of different options (American, European, Asian, European digital, etc.)

The Pricer also allows you to calculate the price of the  following option strategies: Call spread, Put spread, Collar, Straddle, Strangle, CMO, PMO

With WPRIOP, control your risk managing your positions efficiently

Our solution changes along with the markets’ innovations and developments.The help of a consultant can, therefore, be very important and strategic to give you a global view of your project and help you with the issues that are specific to your business.


From the beginning of price risk management solutions using by commodities sector, WPRIOP has become a reference tool because its flexibility and its continuous improvements.  

Clément Chrétien – Risk management & Solutions Consultant 


  • Detailed monitoring of all your operations

  • Simulation of different market scenarios

  • Clear, precise, and instantaneous visibility of your exposure to market risk on all or part of your positions


  • Multi-product  / asset
  • Multi-contract

  • Multi-account

  • Multi-user

  • Different trading strategies (coop, industrial, trader…)


  • An ergonomic and customizable workspace

  • Automation of your control processes

WPRIOP My Report, the WPRIOP reporting tool

WPRIOP MyReport is a business intelligence tool both simple et intuitive which allows you to eploit your data efficiently. Understand, reformat and share you positions data with WPRIOP My Report. Powerful and simple tool, this solution will help you to take right decisions and to do the following of your trading frameworks. Our tool allows to historize the position. 
This solution centralizes your data and harmonizes it so that you can exploit it efficiently.

From one year,

+ more than 1/3 of our WPRIOP customers have already chosen WPRIOP MyReport solution



RELIABILITY of information

The solution allows you to automatically historize and archive your values, to allow you to compare them.


You can easiliy prepare your tables independantly in which the configuration and presentation are in Excel. La solution est accessible sans programmation


The solution saves you from time-consuming and risky tasks like data entry, calculations, and formatting


Example of a monitoring report position


Example of a monitoring report position


Training courses and consulting, for greater efficiency

In order to learn and improve your knowledge on WPRIOP and prepare you for using it daily, we proposes regular training courses on the solution as well as troubleshooting advice on specific issues.

Our training and services are dispensed by our consulting department, who are experts in market risk management and have extensive experience in deploying trading management and monitoring software.

 a specific help to improve your productivity

Using an advanced price risk management solution like WPRIOP needs to be helped daily. Over our technical and users hotline whiv is very close to your problematics, these trainings have been created to answer your expectations. 

Our WPRIOP platform is evolving thanks to our Users’ Club, it is very important to be trained to important improvements in order to fully benefit from the solution.

We make you benefit from our expertise through our tools training and on our sectors. 

Discover our training courses

Terre Atlantique gives his point of view:

Thanks to my training, I have discovered numerous positive improvements of the software. To be able to discuss with other users during this training was also very profitable. We had a real feeling as a customer that LOGAVIV is continuously adapting to our problematics.