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WSD Master,
Be reactive to market fluctuations
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WSD Master in a few words

WSD Master is a real-time market information platform. WSD Master provides quick and complete access to all information concerning agricultural commodities and derivatives (wheat, rapeseed, maize, barley, cocoa, coffee, sugar, etc.).

> Quotations, news, technical analyses, and market reports are available in the tool.

There is a software version of WSD Master as well as web and mobile versions:

WSD Web gives you access to all your market information from any computer using your username and password.
The WSD Mobile application gives you greater mobility, by giving you access to this information from a tablet or smartphone. For more information, click here



Don’t miss our session of WSD Master webinars. 

 Our commercial team will explain you during an interactive session of 45 minutes our solution.

Next session – Wednesday, July, 1st – 11am

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 During the webinar, focus will be done on:

> Market context of our WSD Master solution
> Discovery of main features
> Live demonstration of the platform

Multi-format: stay connected wherever you are

WSD Master is available for PCs, tablets and smartphones to offer you greater mobility and reactivity. You can access all your market prices and information, whenever you want and on any platform. Flexible and easy to use, WSD Master gives you the best possible user experience. The application is easier to browse and allows you to keep up to speed with market developments at any time.



WSD Master has a multitude of features for a clear overview of the main markets. This solution gives real-time access to relevant information on the main market indicators (commodities prices, market fundamentals, analyses, and reports, etc.)

WSD Network

WSD Network is a network of European issuers that, as a user of WSD Master, gives you access to a database on market information provided by all issuers. These experts – whether they be market operators, brokers, or market analysis experts – feed data into the WSD Master database every day.

WSD Mobile

WSD Mobile is an application that gives you access to your market data from anywhere and at any time. In just a few clicks, you can quickly find your market information from your smartphone or tablet.
WSD Mobile can be downloaded for free on the Apple Store and Google Play.

For more information on WSD Master, download the brochur

Trading module

Trade easily on futures markets directly from your WSD Master platform. 

HighlightsSimple use, efficiency and a quick access to your orders book

This module is available in Yuzu and Mineola versions 

Main quotes available in the application

The solution includes a certain number of prices from the main markets: 

Prices in real time on listed commodities, derivatives, and foreign exchange markets (Euronext, CBOT, Forex, etc.)

Real-time quotations on liquid physical markets thanks to our European WSD Network issuers. (Price delivered to Rouen, FOB French Bay, FOB Rotterdam).



WSD Master provides you with various types of information alerting you of market developments in real time.

2 types of market information :

  • Access in real time to the Dow Jones Agricultural Market news feed and the “Oil and Gas” news feed  
  • Real-time access to dynamic and concise information thanks to the various European issuers of our WSD Network

This comprehensive service includes reliable and relevant information like:

  • Daily news,
  • Weekly market reports,
  • Thematic analysis,
  • USDA reviews

This information is accessible from WSD Master.It is also sent to you by email and can be pushed to your telephone.




Below is an example of weekly technical analysis on the wheat Euronext deadline December 2016





Alert system

The alert system allows you to receive SMS alerts or notifications on market prices

SMS module 

The SMS module allows you to create customized messages and send them to groups of contacts

Graphs modules 

The graphs modules allow you to compare past prices, to generate graphs in real time, and to produce technical analyses

Dynamic links to Excel

These links allows you to retrieve market data in your files in real time


You can integrate your own price databases in order in your files in real time

Price options

Standard and avanced
Vanilla and exotic


WSD Network :
A reliable and efficient network of European issuers  

With the increasing phenomenon of social networks, it has become essential to share information. That’s why we wanted to optimise our market information strategy and get the most out of WSD Master’s European position by launching the WSD NETWORK.
WSD NETWORK is a network of European issuers made up of market players, brokers, and analysts giving you access to a reliable, diversified, and constantly updated market database .

This network of issuers enter information into the database every day.

Market information available in WSD Master

WSD Master provides dynamic, concise, and constantly updated market information provided by the network’s various issuers. HASHTAGRI is the epicentre of this network. A company that specialises in analysing agricultural commodities markets, HASHTAGRI is made up of several specialists whose fields of expertise range from fundamental analysis to technical analysis. Today, HASHTAGRI improves the market information available to the 400 customers that use WSD Master.

The information you can find includes news, technical analyses, market reports, thematic analyses, and physical market prices, etc.


The news/analysis designed by Hashtagri allow you to build an efficient grain/oilseed markets monitoring. On the one hand, in intra-day, with news and technical analysis that are in parallel a decision tool. On the other hand with a panel of recurrent analysis that complete the global overview and deepen hot topics or market elements

Paul DESERT-CAZENAVE – Market analysis COO of Hashtagri

  23 contributors take part from our WSD Network



Agropa Trading is an independent brokerage company specializing in physical agricultural commodities. With a particular strength in agricultural products trading, Agropa Trading is covering a broad range of agricultural raw materials and by-products. With its highly experienced staff, they are covering all the main agricultural markets. They primary focus is the commodity origination in the Black Sea, and destination business into Turkey, the Mediterranean Sea, The Caspian Sea, Europe, Persian Gulf and Asia. They are covering both bulk and container markets.


Agribrokers International is active as broker in the international cash grain and oilseeds markets. Their mission is to assist, inform and guide originators, shippers, trading companies, importers and industries about markets in order to find the best possible ways of marketing and purchasing of raw materials like feed/milling wheat, barley, corn, soybeans, rape-/ sunseeds and meals.

cevennes courtage (france)

CEVENNES COURTAGE is a French brokerage company specialized in oilseeds and its derivative products. Over time and thanks to its experience the company succeeded to be well-developed in the animal feed and the milling sector.

Specialized products of the company:

Sunflower and rapeseed
Crude oils
Refined oils
Crude or “semi-refined” glycerin



1/Animal feed:
In close collaboration with the main French and Spanish animal feed manufacturers, CEVENNES COURTAGE offers to its business partners certified providers in terms of traceability and other French and European certifications.

Since recently, the company has been also present in the milling sector, in which it develops partnership contracts with important Spanish and southwest French milling companies. Moreover, a significant part of the company’s contracts is on the ports market.

cottry & co (BELGIUM)

Cottry & Co was founded in 1949 by the Cottry family and has since been active in the brokerage of cereals and derived cereal products. As broker they have an advisory and informing role on the market evolution and agricultural commodities. Their priority is to facilitate purchases and sales for our partners/customers as there are animal feed companies, collectors, trading houses, flour mills and related industries.

EUROcereales (spain)

Euro Cereales is a brokerage company created in 2018 in Madrid. The founders, Guillermo Sahud and Juan-Manuel Garcia Fernandez have long years of experience in the grain business. Thanks to their values and professionalism, they succeeded to have an important number of partners in Southern Europe. Their main products: corn / wheat / soya meal / soybean / sunflower meal.

GRANOPar (bresil)

Founded in 1983, Granopar is one of the pioneers in the grain brokerage services market in Paraná (Brazil). Headquartered in Curitiba, Granopar began its activities aiming at offering a service of total quality and reliability outside of São Paulo, where until then, the best companies in the industry were concentrated.
Efficient in the area of agricultural commodities, Granopar works through an experienced team of brokers in the intermediation of commercial transactions between its customers and through operations on the BM&F (the Sao Paolo Exchange) and the Brazilian Commodities Exchange.
Currently they intermediate business of around 1,5-2,0 million tons of grains and oilseeds, majority in states of Paraná, Mato Grosso do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and São Paulo.


Hashtagri is a company dedicated to grain and oilseed markets analysis. Hashtagri analysts are focused on fundamental and technical analysis, with the constant objective to provide their clients with a synthetic, dynamic and evolving market information.

In May 2015, Hashtagri has become a WSD Master issuer in terms of market information, analysis and quotes.


Malouine de Courtage, has been established in 1999. The company offers a brokerage service to French companies specialized in agribusiness. Since 2008, the company has expanded its activities to Europe and the Black sea region. Today the activities of the company are focused on 3 axes : Market analysis, commercial activity and expertise.


Meprag (italY)

Meprag srl was founded in Milan in 1979 to provide services to companies dealing with agricultural products. At the very beginning our main activity was the brokerage of soft and durum wheat (mainly from France and Germany to Italy) as well as of other European grains but, step by step, we have also developed the market of industrial fruit.
Their current core markets are:
– EU and East Europe grains, oilseeds and by-products
– North and South American grains/protein meals
– industrial fruit
– fertilizers
– biomasses

Since their foundation they are members of the local Grains Associations Associazione Granaria di Milano and Associazione Granaria e dell’Alimentazione di Torino. Moreover, they obtained Fosfa and Gafta memberships some years ago, to be always up-to-date in this area.
All the international market business by vessel have been traded since the beginning of the 90’s jointly with our associated company Zeleny Información y Mercado SL, with head-office in Pamplona (Spain), in order to provide a worldwide view of the market and to give detailed and accurate market analyses.



ARGENCAT BROKERS, S.L. is a commodity company focused on the international brokering of grains, oilseeds, and feedstuffs (cereals, meal and oil seeds) to be used for animal and human consumption.

ARGENCAT is acting on a domestic and international market, but mainly all commercial relationships between Spain and France.

Basically its main clients are: flour mills, malting industries, feeding stuffs manufacturers, local and global trading companies, operators and dealers in the international market.


Aquitaine Courtage assists since 1986 its industrial clients, cooperatives, merchants and traders in their interventions on the market of cereals and oilseeds in the South-West of France and the French Bay. Close to physical reality from the fields to complete follow-up of execution of our contracts, their market analysis is recognized by the whole sector.


Cerea spol s.r.o is a traditional family owned company registered since 1991.

The main activity of its business is the wholesale of agro-commodities. Their greatest advantage is more than 25 years of experience with the agricultural sector. The company has several areas of activity : refinancing, counseling, brokering and documentation.

The company is well active in several countries, (Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia).


Gaudens Trading is a Belgian company that has been led by Filip Gaudens for the past 20 years. Gaudens is committed every day to providing high quality raw materials to companies in the feed sector.


Leone Group is an italian trading company, active in the cereal and feedstuff market supplying the feed and food industry.

In its years of activity, Leone Group has become known as a very professional and reliable company in the domestic and international market.

It is part of a group of four companies all involved in the agrobusiness sector such as feed compund, retail, and fresh cut industry, using their synergies to grow and expand their market.


Northstar Brokerage, situated in Seville, intermediates agricultural commodities in the national and international markets, specialising in cereals, protein meals and vegetable oils. They operate at a global level providing solutions and service to the agricultural markets.

The evolution and development of the business has permitted that the company has consolidated itself as one of the leaders of the sector, generating wide opportunities for the grain, cereal and vegetable oil markets it operates in.

The company is one of the world leaders in the intermediation of Durum Wheat. We offer first class contacts from Europe, North America, North Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Argentina and the Black Sea.


Z. Ohler Commodity Broker company operates on grain and all related by-products as an intermediary between companies. The company is acting on a domestic and international market. They cooperate with large trading companies from majority of European Union countries as well as small trading companies, mills, feed factories, distilleries and crushing plants.



R&S Commodities are brokers in Soya meal/pellets, Rape meal and Sun meal/pellets. They are active as a company in this field since 1992 but our complete staff has been in this trade much longer.

Sigma courtage (france)

SIGMA COURTAGE is a private brokerage company in the ag commodities, specialized on regular and organic milling wheat (other products : wheat, barley, corn and peas).
The company is active on the French market with the following destinations:
-West of France milling industry
-Sea Coasts
-Agro-food manufacturers from Britany, Pays de Loire, Poitou Charente.


Trade Union is a French brokerage company specialized on the malting barley and feed barley market.
With a strong experience, the company do work with industrials (Malsters), first hand, elevators and traders focus in Europe.
The company wants to ensure a modern brokerage adapted to our time.


Vanden Avenne Commodities is a family firm, active in various segments of the agro industry, notably in providing vegetal commodities dedicated to feed, food and biofuel industries.
Vanden Avenne team closely follows the market and advises customers notably on tailor-made, personalized purchasing strategy worked out with them.

The company is also active in the storage and transhipment of agricultural raw materials and in the production of biofuels.


Subministradora of Cereals, SL. was founded in 1995 and since its beginning became a landmark in its zone of influence in the brokering of products.
Specialised on the market for grains and raw compounds for use in animal feed, this broker is recognized both in Spain and in Europe.


V&V COMMODITIES is an international broker in cereals and peas.

The team is experienced in the international trade in commodities and/or purchase of raw material in the feed compound industry and the milling industry. The objective is to assist their clients with the imports, trade and purchase of cereals for the feed compound industry, as well as the milling and starch industry. They operate mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Supplies come from various Western European countries. Besides the activities in cereals they are an agent for molasses in the Netherlands. They believe that with their wide experience and personal touch, they can be of assistance to our relations.





WSD Mobile
A mobile application that allows you to access your market information from anywhere and at any time

In order to meet your growing need for mobility, WSD Master is available for PC as well as being compatible with tablets and smartphones.

Whatever device you are using, download the “WSD Mobile” application on Apple Store or Google Play for free and enjoy access to your market information wherever you are.


Discover our mobile application

This video tutorial presents WSD Mobile major features.
Step by step, discover how to follow commodities market information in real time. 


Enjoy access to your market data from anywhere

WSD Mobile is an application that given you access to your market information when you are travelling, using any tablet or smartphone. 

Simple, quick, and complete, the WSD Mobile application is essential for monitoring prices and news about commodities in real time.

WSD mobile gives you access to:

  • Quotations from listed markets in real time
  • Quotations from liquid physical markets in real time
  • Euronext market depth
  • DowJones News 
  • Hashtagri market information 
  • Forex
  • Dynamic graphs


New features to discover in version 1.07

The WSD Mobile application never stops changing. Several changes have been made to the latest version, 1.07.

  • Optimisation of the favourites page 
  • Access a Hashtagri market news feed and alerts system in the form of push notifications  
  • New “Change old” column
  • Variation of the previous day compared to the day before that
  • Euronext markets directly accessible from the right-hand menu
  • ‘Futures’ displayed in landscape mode


New offers for specific needs















Futures quotes Euronext + Forex2 markets + ForexAll markets + Forex

Graphic tool





Trading module

Data base USDA report

Database explorer & Excel exports

Dynamic Excel links 

Multi spread

SMS tool










Cash quotes

Market information


Market reports

Technical analysis and Thematic analysis







Free download



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Discover our video tutorials


Discover below our video tutorials about workspace creation, quotes and chart creation.

Very intuitives, those videos were created to help you easily to handle your solution and tocontrol your daily use.

Workspace creation

This tutorial presents you how to create your workspaces.  Depending on your needs, save your quotes window, news and chart in a same space that you can upload regularly. 

Through this video, we explain the different steps of a customized workspace.


This video shows how to generate a quotes window :

  • in real time on listed markets
  • continuously on cash markets



This tutorial helps you to :

  • compare historics on going
  • generate graphs from formulas
  • make tecnical analysis





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