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For the last 20 years, LOGAVIV has been selling products essentially dedicated to market information, and price risk management, aimed at professionals in agricultural commodities markets. Every day we strive to support all the players in the farming industry.

We adapt to the specific concerns of agricultural cooperatives, traders, manufacturers, banks, and brokers.

We think about the issues you may encounter tomorrow, we anticipate your needs by working closely with think-tanks made up of leading players in our industry. Our very innovative solutions are unique in that they are a close match for your current and future needs.  

We now operate all over Europe, with nearly 400 user-customers.  By continually adapting to our customers’ needs, we are able to meet their most challenging demands.

Some of our products are compatible with various formats – PCs, tablets, or mobiles – they allow you in particular to:

  • instantly access market information about agricultural commodities;
  • manage your contract portfolio and your exposure to price risk;
  • and check your financial statements and simulate your margin calls.


Developed in close collaboration with users, our products are continuously updated to meet your everyday needs.


An innovative Extranet Solution composed of a grain purchasing/sales module with automatic hedging on Euronext, an information portal, and additional modules



Trading platform enabling market participants to access trading on Griffin OTF Agricultural products and other regulated markets



A financial control and margin call simulation solution that is also a secure system for collecting data from your clearing house.
Strong interaction with WPRIOP



A real time physical prices tool input. Interacts with all your external tools. Customizable, user friendly, it’s a hosted solution with a web access.



Trading position management and price risk management software. WPRIOP allows you to manage all your trading positions and to review them at any time, depending on price changes


WSD Master

An innovative market information solution available on PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Provides quotations, daily news, technical analysis and fundamental analysis reports.