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WPRIOP 4.12 new version is now available

Posted on - Categories: News, Product

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This new version is characterized by main changes on valuation and dashboards.

Zoom on major developments:

VALuation mode settings

From now, you have the possibility to choose between 3 valuation modes:

  • real time
  • settle 
  • closed data

Consequenly, each department (front office, middle office or back office) can now valuate its position according to its needs.

valuation Simplification 

From now, manage your position according to the Market/Product method (without setting manually the Master line for each expiry).

Optimize the valuation of your Change position(euro dollar for instance) thanks to the creation of forwards. 


dashboards new versions 

  • Possibility to dissociate dashboards in workshops
  • Customization of colors for columns 
  • No more futures dashboard which is now integrated to the new dashboard

Adding of the NAMEFUTURESMARKET field in order to agreggate futures market data positions only

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